Updated : Sep 20, 2019 in Finance Accounting

Logo Design For a Financial, Insurance Or Accounting Company

When starting out in financial services, insurance or accounting, one of the all important first decisions to make is your logo design and overall branding strategy. The financial services industry is so competitive these days that having a strong brand is essential to help you stand out in a very crowded market place.

As you develop your business plan, try to understand more about your customers and think about how you want them to perceive your company.

Traditionally, companies in finance, banking, insurance and accounting have featured themes in their logos that relate to strength, reliability and stability. Images of pillars, a lion, bricks or a mountain can convey these themes.

Companies in these fields also have traditionally tried to highlight their professionalism and attention to detail. Images of pencils, scales or charts can go along way towards letting customers know exactly what your company does and how you go about doing it.

However some of these themes and imagery in logo design in these industries can look a little clichéd, old fashioned and boring. The key is to try and be original by conveying the same message that financial companies always have but convey it in a modern, interesting way.

When people are going to putting a lot of trust into a financial institution it is generally better to have a serious, conservative looking logo design.

You should avoid currency symbols as they can appear crude or amateurish on a logo for the finance, insurance or accounting industries.

Give plenty of thought to color as a lot of meaning and emotion can be conveyed through its careful use. Financial and insurance institutions have typically gone with black representing seriousness, red for strength, white for truth, and darker shades of blue for security, professionalism and faithfulness. Some modern companies are shaking up tradition though and are starting to go with a whole variety of colors so you by no means have to limit yourself here.

Financial institutions should use a bold face font to express strength and stability and have typically gone with readable, conservative, formal fonts. Most companies in the financial services follow convention and place the font below the logo image.

Having a great logo design for financial, insurance or accounting company is easy these days with so many ways to a get a logo online or offline. Get your business off to a great start and invest in a great logo design that can carry your business forward to success!